Observations of Open Clusters

Observations of Open Clusters listed by increasing right ascension.

Field L denotes the location. P: Pinnacles overlook,
B: Little Tycho Observatory, LBRP: Little Bennett Regional Park

Coordinates are J2000.

Object NameRADec mvSizeNGC commentsLocationTelescopeDateObservation
NGC 1030h 25m 18s61 21' 0"9.85Cl, pS, pC, st 11...18Little TychoC-82011/Jun/26 3:52:5A nice cluster of ~20 stars 11mv... in a rich field.
NGC 1290h 29m 54s60 14' 0"6.521Cl, vL, pR, lC, st 9...13Little TychoC-82010/Oct/15 21:21:30Despite careful searching, this field was not found. WikiSky: A loose grouping of 13...mv stars. Not visible in this urban setting.
NGC 1330h 31m 12s63 22' 0"97Cl, pL, st 10..., D* invLittle TychoC-82010/Oct/29 20:19:9The field was found but only a few stars of 9.5-11mv were seen. A similar sight was presented by N 146. WikiSky: Confirmed.
NGC 1360h 31m 30s61 32' 0"1glob. cl. , vF, S, eCLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/10 21:21:0A very faint, small patch.
NGC 1460h 33m 6s63 18' 0"9.17Cl, pL, lC, st 11-12, D*Little TychoC-82011/Jul/10 2:2:43The cluster was not found. A nice but faint double, HJ 1033, was found in its place. WikiSky: HJ 1033 is at the cluster's center. It's a very loose cluster, needing darker skies to show its existance.
NGC 1890h 39m 36s61 4' 0"8.84Cl, pL, R, st 11...15Little TychoC-82010/Nov/10 21:13:295 10-11mv stars, with about 10 13-14mv stars clustered around them. Lackluster.
NGC 2060h 40m 36s40 44' 0"99vF, vL, mE 0degLBRPC-112012/Nov/9 21:22:4A large, but low contrast brightening of the disk of M 31.
NGC 2250h 43m 24s61 47' 0"7.012Cl, L, lC, st 9...10Little TychoC-82010/Oct/2 21:9:14A very loose grouping of a few 8-9mv stars with an almost invisible core of 11-12mv stars. Lackluster.
NGC 1880h 44m 0s85 20' 0"8.114Cl, vL, R, 150-200 st 10...18LBRPC-112010/Oct/9 21:5:58This cluster does not stand out from the Milky way. It was found with the finder chart. The faint stars that make up most of it were unseen on this 4.8mv night.
NGC 2720h 51m 24s35 50' 0"99Cl, L, lCLittle TychoC-82013/Nov/10 19:13:5A 9.3mv star with 8 much fainter stars, 11mv... to the SE. DSS: A very loose cluster of only around 10 stars.
NGC 2810h 52m 48s56 37' 0"735F, vL, dif, S triple * on np edgeLittle TychoC-82012/Dec/5 20:17:26A grouping of around 10 stars, with the exquisite triple BU 1 at its center. A beautiful field. The nebula that is burned out in the DSS survey plates is quite invisible from my urban backyard.
NGC 3811h 8m 18s61 35' 0"96Cl, pCLittle TychoC-82010/Oct/16 3:59:2A round group of ~ 30 faint stars, 12-14mv. A chain of ~7 12mv stars runs NE-SW through it.
NGC 4361h 15m 36s58 49' 0"8.86Cl, S, iF, pCLittle TychoC-82010/Oct/16 4:9:18A cluster of ~8 11-12mv stars with a haze of a few fainter ones as well
NGC 4571h 19m 6s58 20' 0"6.413Cl, B, L, pRi, st 7, 8, 10Little TychoC-82009/Dec/18 20:23:22A grand cluster of ~80 stars, many of them appear to be double, and many are quite blue.
NGC 5591h 29m 30s63 18' 0"9.54Cl, B, pL, pRiLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/14 1:30:34A faint smattering of nebulosity surrounding 3 9-10mv stars. WikiSky: the nebulosity is a cloud of about 30 13...mv stars. Tonight's skies were hazy, and the night ended early, clouded out.
NGC 5811h 33m 12s60 42' 0"7.46Cl, pL, B, R, Ri, st 10...11; = M103Little TychoC-82010/Jan/10 21:56:11AKA M 103. A cluster of ~50 faint stars and 10 bright ones. A triangle of 9mv stars frames the cluster. Lovely.
Trumpler 11h 35m 38.5s61 17' 15.69"8.12.525 stars 10mv...Little TychoC-82013/Feb/20 19:13:21A group of 4 10-11mv stars in a row, with about 4 just south of them. A very interesting cluster.
Trumpler 11h 35m 38.5s61 17' 15.69"8.12.525 stars 10mv...Little TychoC-82014/Oct/5 1:58:31A remarkable streak of 4 10-11mv stars.
Trumpler 11h 35m 38.5s61 17' 15.69"8.12.525 stars 10mv...LBRPO-182012/Dec/13 20:37:49A small cluster with 4 10mv stars in an almost straight line through its center.
NGC 6091h 37m 12s64 33' 0"11.03Cl, S, pRi, st 14...LBRPC-112012/Dec/13 21:42:41A meer faint pair in the C-11, and a very faint sprinkle of stars in the O-18.
NGC 6371h 42m 54s64 0' 0"8.24Cl, pS, B & vF stLittle TychoC-82010/Oct/16 4:16:42A chain of ~8 10-12mv stars running NNE to SSW. There are a few fainter one towards the center. There is a 4" pair of 10mv stars, in pa 355°, STI 264.
NGC 6541h 44m 6s61 53' 0"6.55Cl, iF, Ri, one *6-7, st 11...14Little TychoC-82010/Feb/13 21:13:47A faint cluster of stars, 10-12...mv. There is a 7.3mv foregound star in the field.
NGC 6591h 44m 12s60 42' 0"7.95Cl, lRi, st BLittle TychoC-82010/Oct/16 4:28:24Looks to me like a chance grouping of ~8 10-12mv stars. There might be a haze of much fainter ones, but that might be averted imaganation, too. Wikisky: There is a very slight clumping of Milky Way stars here
NGC 6591h 44m 12s60 42' 0"7.95Cl, lRi, st BLittle TychoC-82017/Nov/13 20:38:57A cluster of faint doubles. There is also a very faint nebulosity here. Aladin/DSS: The "nebulosity" is actually the fainter stars in the cluster.
NGC 6631h 46m 0s61 15' 0"7.116Cl, B, L, eRi, st pLLittle TychoC-82010/Feb/13 21:6:11A large, loose cluster of around 20 stars, 8-11mv. Two nice pairs on either side of 10mv stars, around 5" sep.
NGC 7521h 57m 48s37 41' 0"5.750Cl, vvL, Ri, st L & scBC-82006/Dec/13 19:00:00 A lovely cluster, festooned with doubles and star chains.
NGC 7441h 58m 24s55 29' 0"7.911Cl, pL, pRi, iF, st 11...13Little TychoC-82010/Jan/18 21:51:21Around 9 bright stars (9.5mv and below) and what appears to be nebulosity around them.
NGC 8692h 19m 0s57 9' 0"430! Cl, vvL, vRi, st 7...14Little TychoC-82010/Feb/13 21:18:54One of the double clusters. Superb!
NGC 8842h 22m 24s57 7' 0"430! Cl, vL, vRi, ruby * MLittle TychoC-82010/Feb/13 21:19:34One of the double clusters. Superb!
NGC 9562h 32m 24s44 39' 0"98Cl, pRi, st 9...15Little TychoC-82010/Nov/12 2:37:48Around 5 9-11mv stars with a possible haze of fainter ones (13.5...mv) just to the west. Lackluster. WikiSky: Confirmed.
IC 18052h 32m 42s61 27' 0"6.560Cl, co, eL neby extends fLittle TychoC-82010/Oct/21 21:27:54A wide grouping of around 8 9mv stars with about 20 11... fainter ones. Many of these stars appear double. A nice star field.
NGC 9572h 33m 36s57 32' 0"7.611Cl, pL, pRi, st 13...15Little TychoC-82010/Oct/16 4:55:19There seems to be a cluster of 12-13mv stars here, but it doesn't match the chart. Not found?
NGC 9572h 33m 36s57 32' 0"7.611Cl, pL, pRi, st 13...15Little TychoC-82011/Feb/11 20:1:46The finder chart does not correspond to the sky. Check with WikiSky. WikiSky: The chart had inadvertently become inverted, thus the confusion.
NGC 10392h 42m 0s42 47' 0"5.235Cl, B, vL, lC, sc st 9; = M34BC-82006/Nov/25 19:30:00AKA M 34. Another rich cluster containing many doubles, especially in the center.
IC_18242h 42m 36s61 35' 42"6.7?x??LBRPC-112014/Oct/25 23:51:51A lovely cluster, the same as NGC 1027.
NGC 10272h 42m 42s61 33' 0"6.720Cl, L, sc st, one 10mLittle TychoC-82010/Oct/21 21:32:23This cluster, along with I 1824 are a 7mv star surrounded by a few fainter ones. There is a hint of some 12 mv stars, but they are washed out in tonights almost full moon.
IC 18482h 51m 12s60 26' 0"6.560Cl, st F, extends 8mag f, in F nebyLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/12 3:0:54A lackluster, scattered group of around 10 stars, 7-10mv.
NGC 12453h 14m 42s47 15' 0"8.410Cl, pL, Ri, C, iR, st 12...15BC-82006/Dec/23 19:30:00Needs averted vision to see the stars. A brightening of the milky way in this light pollution.
NGC 13423h 31m 36s37 20' 0"6.714Cl, vL, ab 60 stLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/12 3:7:50A nice cluster of ~25 stars, 9-11mv. There is a bright yellow 6.5mv star around a degree (6 minutes, RA) east of the cluster not on the chart. (Perhaps just off of it?) WikiSky: The star is 7.3mv, and it is yellow.
IC_3483h 44m 30s32 17' 0"7.310pB, vL, vgbMLittle TychoC-82011/Feb/19 20:0:57An interesting cluster. There are two fairly bright pairs on either side (east and west) and a spray of fainter ones between them. Bright Omicron Per is just to the north. This would be better in darker, steadier skies.
IC_3483h 44m 30s32 17' 0"7.310pB, vL, vgbMLittle TychoC-82012/Dec/30 21:35:20
Pleiades3h 46m 42s24 7' 0"3.050Brightest OC.Little TychoC-82012/Mar/27 20:20:32Gorgeous. Seen more times than I've bothered to count.
NGC 14443h 49m 24s52 40' 0"6.64Cl of ab 30 st 12...14Little TychoC-82010/Nov/10 20:49:593 faint (12mv) stars were seen. Lackluster, to say the least.
NGC 14964h 4m 24s52 37' 0"106Cl, segment of a ringLittle TychoC-82013/Jan/7 20:23:31Dyer's description is accurate. The RNGC position is SSW of the cluster itself.
NGC 15024h 7m 42s62 20' 0"5.78Cl, pRi, cC, iFLittle TychoC-82009/Dec/29 21:9:0Bright cluster of ~ 20 stars, most of them double, contains the brilliant pair Struve 485.
NGC 15024h 7m 42s62 20' 0"5.78Cl, pRi, cC, iFLittle TychoC-82010/Apr/1 20:43:53A brilliant cluster of doubles, with a superb pair in the center.
NGC 15134h 10m 0s49 31' 0"8.49Cl, L, vRi, pC, st vLLittle TychoC-82011/Feb/10 20:7:166 9-10 mv stars surround by a nebulous glow, which might just be the milky way. Not a great sight, on this moonlit night.
NGC 15284h 15m 24s51 14' 0"6.424Cl, B, vRi, cCLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/9 21:21:40A large, scattered group of about 50 stars, 10-12mv. Nice.
NGC 15454h 20m 54s50 15' 0"6.218Cl, pRi, lC, st LLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/9 21:25:58An isoceles triangle of three 7-8mv stars, with a few 9mv outliers. Lackluster. WikiSky: Confirmed.
NGC 15824h 32m 0s43 51' 0"737Cl, vL, pRi, lC, st LLittle TychoC-82010/Dec/22 19:59:59A large (25'), loose arc of 8-9mv stars with three wide pairs in them. There might be a smattering of 12mv stars at the NE end of the arc.
NGC 16054h 35m 0s45 15' 0"10.75Cl, vF, pS, C, st eSLBRPC-112013/Feb/9 19:50:40If seen at all, an very faint patch. Averted imagination! WikiSky DSS image: A loose group of 13... mv stars. Hardly stands out from the surrounding Milky Way.
NGC 16244h 40m 24s50 27' 0"10.45F, cL, iF, 6 or 7 st + nebLittle TychoC-82012/Oct/16 4:37:52A 12mv star with around 4 13... mv stars close to it. There is a slight glow around the stars.
NGC 16474h 46m 0s19 4' 0"6.445Cl, vL, st L, scLittle TychoC-82011/Feb/8 19:21:55A very loose cluster of pairs and other stars. Fills the low power, 24mm field.
NGC 16624h 48m 30s10 56' 0"6.420Cl of L & S sc stBC-82008/Jan/08 19:00:00 A loose open cluster, swept up when looking for a double (Struve 535!) with a poorly aligned telescope. Obviously a cluster, but unspectacular.
NGC 16644h 51m 6s43 42' 0"7.618Cl, lRi, lC, pLLittle TychoC-82011/Feb/23 21:1:40A nice cluster of about 5 pairs, 10mv... with a few fainter stars and perhaps a bit of nebulosity. WikiSky: The nebulosity is a scattering of 12...mv star.
NGC 17245h 3m 30s49 30' 0"10Cl, vS, st + neb?Little TychoC-82013/Apr/2 21:29:54A group of 3 11.5mv stars, with perhaps a faint haze around it.
NGC 17465h 3m 36s23 49' 0"642Cl, PLittle TychoC-82011/Feb/10 20:17:22This is just a small triangle of stars in a very starry field. It's a lovely low power field, but the cluster, and those also listed in the field are non entities.
NGC 17465h 3m 36s23 49' 0"642Cl, PLittle TychoC-82016/Feb/20 20:03:04With NGC 1750 and NGC 1758, a large (~1°), very loose grouping of 8-11mv stars. Recently found to NOT be a cluster.
NGC 17505h 3m 54s23 39' 30"25.00x12.0?Little TychoC-82016/Feb/20 20:03:04With NGC 1746 and NGC 1758, a large (~1°), very loose grouping of 8-11mv stars. Recently found to NOT be a cluster.
NGC 17585h 4m 36s23 47' 54"?Little TychoC-82016/Feb/20 20:03:04With NGC 1746 and NGC 1750, a large (~1°), very loose grouping of 8-11mv stars. Recently found to NOT be a cluster.
NGC 17785h 8m 6s37 3' 0"7.77Cl, pC, lRi, iF, st LLittle TychoC-82010/Apr/1 21:4:32A cluster of around 20 stars from 9 to 12.5mv, with a 10mv 10" pair near the center.
NGC 18075h 10m 42s16 32' 0"7.017Cl, pRi, st L & SBC-82008/Feb/02 21:00:00 A large, (~ 40 arc minute), loose cluster of 10 or so bright stars. At the center is a double, 5", position angle 270, 8 - 9 mv. WDS identifies it as HJ 3268, 10", position angle 268, 9.4 - 10.1.
NGC 17985h 11m 39.29s47 41' 44"10.0?x??Little TychoC-82014/Oct/25 3:25:18The cluster was not found. Aladin DSS, UCAC4: There is a grouping, perhaps a cluster, of 16mv... stars here.
NGC 18175h 12m 6s16 42' 0"7.716Cl, L, Ri, lC, st 11...14BC-82008/Feb/02 21:00:00Too faint for tonight's moisture laden skies.
NGC 18175h 12m 6s16 42' 0"7.716Cl, L, Ri, lC, st 11...14Little TychoC-82013/Nov/15 4:13:29An irregular group of around 20 stars, 9...mv. 15'x10' in size.
NGC 18575h 20m 12s39 21' 0"7.06Cl, pRi, pC, st 7...Little TychoC-82010/Mar/8 21:38:30A cluster of faint stars, on the edge of visibility, with a bright yellow 7mv star in it's center.
NGC 18935h 22m 42s33 24' 0"7.511Cl, L, Ri, lCLittle TychoC-82011/Dec/2 20:39:17This looks like a chance grouping of milky way stars. Very loose, if a cluster at all. WikiSky: There is quite a bit of nebulosity here, invisible in the moonlight and light pollution.
NGC 19075h 28m 0s35 19' 0"8.27Cl, pRi, pC, R, st 9...12Little TychoC-82010/Dec/15 20:53:5A small scatter of ~ 20 9...mv stars, a degree south of M 38.
NGC 19125h 28m 42s35 50' 0"6.421Cl, B, vL, vRi, iF, st L & S; = M38BC-82006/Sep/30 03:30:00 A very nice cluster, approximately 40 arc minutes in size.
NGC 19315h 31m 24s34 15' 0"11.33vB, L, R, B*** in MLittle TychoC-82010/Mar/8 21:56:4This appears to be a faint (11mv) double surrounded by nebulosity. Confirmed, Burnam, WikiSky.
NGC 19815h 35m 12s-4 26' 0"4.625Cl, vB, lRi, st L, scLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/12 3:38:43A field filling cluster of around 10 bright, blue white stars. Just North of M 42. Superb, but dwarfed by M 42 itself.
NGC 19605h 36m 6s34 8' 0"6.012Cl, B, vL, vRi, lC, st 9...11 sc; = M36Little TychoC-82010/Mar/9 20:57:48A large, cruxiform cluster with many stars that appear to be double.
NGC 20995h 52m 24s32 33' 0"5.624Cl, Ri, pCM, st L & S; = M37BC-82006/Oct/29 03:00:00 The richest, but faintest of the Auriga Messier clusters. Overall, a beautiful cluster that would be better served by darker skies.
NGC 21125h 53m 54s0 24' 0"911Cl, pL, lRi, pC, st SLittle TychoC-82011/Feb/10 20:36:48A loose cluster of 3 9.5mv stars and a few fainter ones barely visible as a glow in tonight's moonwashed sky. WikiSky: The glow is actually partially due to the "Orion loop", NE of the belt.
NGC 21296h 1m 0s23 18' 0"6.77Cl, pL, 40 or 50 st 8...15Little TychoC-82010/Feb/20 21:16:46Three bright stars, with a backgound haze of much fainter ones.
NGC 21266h 3m 0s49 54' 0"106Cl, not Ri, *7 nLittle TychoC-82011/Nov/6 1:47:5A very loose cluster, subtending about half of the 18mm field. A 6mv star with about 10 11...mv stars around it.
NGC 21416h 3m 6s10 26' 0"9.410F, pS, difBC-82008/Feb/02 21:00:00Too faint for tonight's moisture laden skies.
NGC 21416h 3m 6s10 26' 0"9.410F, pS, difLittle TychoC-82014/Feb/27 20:19:31Fields found, no sign of a cluster. Tonight is fairly clear. Aladin DSS: There is a cluster of about 180 mostly 15...mv stars here. There are around 5 12.5 - 13.0mv stars in the field, and these might not be associated with the cluster. It will take much darker skies and a larger telescope to see this.
IC 21576h 5m 0s24 0' 0"8.47Cl, SLittle TychoC-82012/Jan/24 19:25:46A very faint smudge, found only with the aid of the finder chart. No stars seen.
NGC 21676h 6m 54s-6 12' 0"mvarcMinNGC ErrorBC-82008/Feb/28 20:00:00Non existant. NGC error.
NGC 21586h 7m 30s24 6' 0"8.65Cl, pS, mC, vRi, irr triangle st eSBC-82006/Sep/26 03:30:00A very faint brightening of the sky near M 35. Only seen when the telescope was slewing.
NGC 21586h 7m 30s24 6' 0"8.65Cl, pS, mC, vRi, irr triangle st eSBC-82007/Feb/10 20:00:00The companion cluster to M35 was a faint brightening of the sky. M35 itself was a faint brightening of the sky in the finder. Both were barely glimpsed in their respective telescopes.
NGC 21586h 7m 30s24 6' 0"8.65Cl, pS, mC, vRi, irr triangle st eSLittle TychoC-82013/Feb/6 20:21:39An obvious, if low contrast, large patch right next to M 35. Granulated in the 12.5.
NGC 21586h 7m 30s24 6' 0"8.65Cl, pS, mC, vRi, irr triangle st eSLittle TychoC-82013/Nov/11 3:27:57Around 10 12.5mv... stars seen. There was a slight glow around these, caused by the rest of the stars in the cluster.
NGC 21586h 7m 30s24 6' 0"8.65Cl, pS, mC, vRi, irr triangle st eSBig Bend Nat ParkO-152016/Jan/31 22:41:6Easily resolved with the 9mm Meade in these exceptionally dark skies.
NGC 21696h 8m 24s13 57' 0"5.97Cl, S, lRi, pmC, ** (ADS 4728)BC-82008/Feb/02 21:00:00A bright, loose cluster of around 16 stars. 4' x 6' in position angle approximately 135°.
NGC 21696h 8m 24s13 57' 0"5.97Cl, S, lRi, pmC, ** (ADS 4728)BC-82008/Feb/14 19:00:00A cluster of 10 bright stars (brighter than 10mv), surrounded by about 10 more faint ones (fainter than 11 mv) in the form of an equilateral triangle around 15 arc minutes in size. The triangle is truncated on its southwestern point. The double Struve 848 is close to the center of the cluster.
NGC 21686h 8m 54s24 20' 0"5.128Cl, vL, cRi, pC, st 9...16; = M35BC-82006/Sep/26 03:30:00 A field filling cluster of bright stars. Approximately 1 degrees in size.
NGC 21686h 8m 54s24 20' 0"5.128Cl, vL, cRi, pC, st 9...16; = M35Little TychoC-82018/Jan/18 22:45:43A glorious cluster of about 150 stars, filling the field of the 24mm. NGC 2158 is but a gossamer haze in the 9mm.
NGC 21756h 9m 48s20 19' 0"6.818*8 in nebLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/13 3:42:50The field was found, but I see no cluster, just the Milky way. Perhaps a slight clump of 12... stars was seen, but nothing I would call a cluster. WikiSky: It's at the center of a faint nebulosity, drounded by the urban skies.
NGC 21846h 11m 0s-3 29' 0"30?Little TychoC-82017/Feb/19 20:24:3A scattered cluster, filling the 24mm field. About 25 stars 9-11mv. The double HJ 2299 is at the cluster's cenger
NGC 21866h 12m 12s5 27' 0"8.74Cl, pL, pRi, pC, st L and SLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/13 3:53:34A tiny cluster, 1.5' across, with 2 10mv stars, and 5 12...mv stars. WikiSky: confirmed
NGC 21946h 13m 48s12 48' 0"8.510Cl, L, Ri, gvmCMPC-112009/Apr/17 22:30:00A very loose, dull cluster.
NGC 21926h 15m 12s39 51' 0"116Cl, cL, C, iF, st vSLittle TychoC-82013/Oct/29 6:5:4A group of 3 barely visible 13mv stars.
NGC 22046h 15m 42s-18 39' 0"8.613Cl, L, pRi, lCLittle TychoC-82011/Feb/11 20:28:29Field found, cluster not there. WikiSky: Cluster is there, but composed of 12mv... stars. Not found in the bright, urban, moonlight.
NGC 22046h 15m 42s-18 39' 0"8.613Cl, L, pRi, lCLittle TychoC-82012/Jan/28 22:32:2An 11mv star surrounded by a faint glow.
NGC 22026h 16m 50.7s5 59' 48"30?Little TychoC-82017/Feb/19 20:37:13An ellipse of about 10 stars, 8-11mv
NGC 22156h 21m 0s-7 17' 0"8.411Cl, cL, pRi, pC, st 11...15Little TychoC-82010/Feb/20 21:56:45A scattering of around 10 8-10.5mv stars with about 25 fainter ones misting around them.
NGC 22196h 23m 24s-4 41' 0"9.610NGC Error.BC-82008/Jan/04 21:00:00 This does not seem to be a cluster at all. More like a chance grouping of 6 or 7 bright (7 - 9 mv) Milky way stars. WikiSky does not list it, and a quick look at the PSS confirms it. One of John Hershel's errors.
NGC 22326h 26m 36s-4 45' 0"3.930B* (10 Mon) + ClLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/12 3:43:57A huge cluster ~2° across, of ~20 bright (6-8 mv) stars.
NGC 22366h 29m 42s6 50' 0"8.57Cl, pRi, pC, st 10, 12...15Little TychoC-82011/Feb/10 21:2:33A 10mv stars with a few other 12mv stars around it. Hardly a cluster.
NGC 22436h 29m 48s-31 17' 0"9.45F Cl, st 9...11LBRPC-112012/Feb/26 21:17:38A splash of about 20 faint stars, 10mv... Burnham: 50 faint stars, WikiSky: hundreds of stars.
NGC 22396h 32m 19s4 51' 24"4.816x16?Little TychoC-82015/Feb/13 20:23:58A loose cluster of bright stars. Aladin, UCAC4: The proper motions indicate that these stars are a true cluster.
NGC 22446h 32m 24s4 52' 0"4.824Cl, beautiful, st sc (12 Mon)PC-82007/Jan/20 22:00:00 A large cluster in a rich region. The famous "Rosette nebula" was lost in the sky glow.
NGC 22446h 32m 24s4 52' 0"4.824Cl, beautiful, st sc (12 Mon)Big Bend Nat ParkO-152016/Jan/31 22:28:48The skies are clear enough and dark enough to show parts of the nebula. The north eastern part was most apparent, but the entire nebula was glimpsed in the 41mm. The zodical light is so strong as to wipe out much of the western sky!
NGC 22506h 32m 48s-5 2' 0"98Cl, pRi, lC, iF, st 8, 12...14Little TychoC-82011/Jan/22 20:5:47Field found, but the cluster was not there. Only a 9mv star. There is perhaps a trace of glow to the NE of the star, but that is questionable. WikiSky: No cluster here, either. RNGC: Perhaps a group of stars 15' West of the NGC position.
NGC 22516h 34m 42s8 22' 0"7.310Cl, vL, E, Ri, lCLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/18 4:19:31an arc of around 8 stars 8-9mv, with around 7 others around it. There is a pretty quadruple of stars at the bottom of the field, all in a line.
NGC 22526h 35m 0s5 23' 0"820Cl, vL, pRi, lC, st SLittle TychoC-82011/Jan/22 20:15:14Field found but cluster not visible. Just to the east, however, is a superb star chain ending in a equilateral triangle of 8.5mv stars about 15" apart. WikiSky: cluster not found here, either, the star chain and it's trio (which are 30" apart), were found. They are not mentioned in Burnham.
NGC 22526h 35m 0s5 23' 0"820Cl, vL, pRi, lC, st SLBRPC-112012/Feb/17 22:44:24A linear spray of stars. A very strange morphlogy for a star cluster.
NGC 22546h 36m 0s7 40' 0"9.74Cl, S, pC, iF, st 11...13Little TychoC-82010/Nov/18 4:22:5A smudge in the sky of 12...mv stars. There is a 10mv star in the foreground. It is around 7' in size.
NGC 22626h 38m 24s1 11' 0"114Cl, vC, iR, bM, st eSLittle TychoC-82014/Feb/19 21:3:28There seems to be a very faint, small (1') patch just north of the marked position. This is averted imagination on my part. The NGC 2262's position in the RNGC is incorrect.
NGC 22596h 38m 36s10 53' 0"115Cl, cRi, eC, iF, st eSPC-112009/Apr/17 22:30:00A small, faint cluster of a few 11.5 mv stars and a cloud of around 50 14mv stars.
NGC 22646h 41m 6s9 53' 0"3.960eL neb, 3deg diam, densest 12' sp 15 MonBC-82006/Oct/06 03:00:00A lovely group of sparklers. The Xmas tree cluster, and looks it.
NGC 22536h 42m 24s66 20' 0"vF, st eSLBRPC-112012/Feb/20 20:56:27A very faint, 2' smudge. Barely seen, even in the 18 on a good night. The HNGC project and other internet sources list this as a non existant galaxy. My observation is a good example of "averted imagination".
NGC 22666h 43m 12s26 58' 0"107Cl, pS, eC, Ri, st 11...15BC-82008/Mar/01 21:00:00Too faint for these skies.
NGC 22696h 43m 54s4 34' 0"10.04Cl, vmC, not Ri, st vSLBRPC-112012/Feb/20 20:25:25A very faint smudge. No resolution, about 3' in size. Invisible in the 30mm, only seen in the 18. Tonight is about a 5mv night, naked eye.
NGC 22876h 47m 0s-20 44' 0"4.538Cl, vL, B, lC, st 8...; = M41PC-82008/Feb/10 19:00:00A large, loose cluster of bright white stars. Nice.
NGC 22866h 47m 36s-3 10' 0"7.515Cl, L, C, ab 100 st 9...15Little TychoC-82011/Feb/10 21:6:54A large, loose cluster with many pairs in it.
NGC 22816h 49m 18s41 4' 0"5.415Cl, pRi, vlC, st pLLittle TychoC-82010/Apr/9 21:19:5A lovely, but somewhat sparse, cluster of 30 7-12 mv stars. There are three doubles in it.
NGC 23016h 51m 48s0 28' 0"6.012Cl, Ri, L, iF, st L & SBC-82008/Feb/28 20:00:00A fine spray of stars, in approximately position angle 30°, with a branch at 20°. About 20 arc minutes long.
NGC 23026h 51m 54s-7 4' 0"8.93Cl, L, P, lCLittle TychoC-82011/Mar/2 20:34:15A loose group of around 15 stars, 9mv...
NGC 22996h 51m 56.59s-7 5' 4"8.9?x??Little TychoC-82015/Feb/13 20:37:38A very loose clump of stars in the winter milky way. Aladin, UCAC4: A quick glance at the proper motions of the bright stars indicates that this is a true cluster.
NGC 23066h 54m 29.49s-7 11' 55"?x??Little TychoC-82015/Feb/13 20:40:50Perhaps a random group of stars. It doesn't look like a cluster from this light polluted location and small telescope. Aladin, UCAC4: The proper motions do not seem correlated in the brighter stars within 10' of the "cluster" center.
NGC 23046h 55m 0s18 1' 0"105Cl, pL, Ri, mC, st vSSyria, VaC-112012/Jan/15 21:50:48A cluster of around 50 12mv... stars in a very rich field. This would have been invisible at Little Tycho.
NGC 23096h 56m 12s-7 12' 0"113Cl, pL, pRi, mC, st 13BC-82008/Feb/28 20:00:00An approximately 5 arc minute cluster of faint stars (10mv and below). Swept up while looking for W mon. Burnham gives 4 arc minutes, and stars 12mv and below.
NGC 23116h 57m 48s-4 35' 0"107Cl, lC, not RiLittle TychoC-82012/Mar/1 20:7:43A grouping of faint, 11mv... stars, 3 11mv stars at the North side of the cluster, fainter ones to the South. Perhaps better seen in moonless skies.
NGC 23237h 3m 12s-8 20' 0"5.916! Cl, vL, Ri, pC, E, st 12...16; = M50PC-82008/Jan/03 20:00:00AKA M 50. A large (15-20 arc minute), loose cluster of star chains. Whether this effect was due to actual stellar formations as chains or an illusion of my visual processing is unknown. The cluster is in a very rich region of the milky way. A splendid wide field view.
NGC 23247h 4m 12s1 3' 0"8.48Cl, L, Ri, cC, st 12...16Little TychoC-82011/Feb/10 21:16:31Two arcs of stars combine at their ends to form a lovely "V". About 10 stars 9mv...
NGC 23247h 4m 12s1 3' 0"8.48Cl, L, Ri, cC, st 12...16Little TychoC-82011/Feb/11 19:39:34WikiSky shows this cluster, but is is invisible with a C-8 and moonwashed urban skies.
NGC 23357h 6m 36s-10 5' 0"7.212Cl, L, lCLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/13 4:27:9A chance grouping of 1 7mv, 2 8mv and around 10 12...mv stars. Unimpressive as a cluster, but in a nice field.
NGC 23317h 7m 12s27 21' 0"918Cl, L, vlC, S Cl invLittle TychoC-82011/Dec/30 3:5:40A large group of 5 10mv stars, the 11.5mv stars are barely glimpsed in tonight's hazy sky.
NGC 23437h 8m 18s-10 39' 0"6.77Cl, cL, P, lCLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/13 4:15:34A cluster of 3 8-9mv stars with around 15 10-13mv stars clumped around it. Nice field.
NGC 23457h 8m 18s-13 10' 0"7.712Cl, pL, pRi, gbM, st 10...14Little TychoC-82010/Nov/18 4:33:41A lackluster group of ~15 stars, 9mv... There is a pair in the center, 10", 65° pa.
NGC 23547h 14m 18s-25 44' 0"6.520Cl, cRi, lCSAOC-112013/Mar/14 1:41:25A large, loose cluster of stars in a rich region of the Milky Way.
NGC 23537h 14m 36s-10 18' 0"7.120Cl, L, lC, one vB*Little TychoC-82010/Nov/13 4:38:43A lovely starscape. The cluster itself is a loose grouping of doubles, with a 6mv B star on its southern border.
NGC 23557h 16m 54s13 47' 0"109Cl, pS, pRi, mC, st 15...16Little TychoC-82012/Jan/24 19:36:8A small, 2-3', smattering of faint stars, barely visible, 12... There is a bright, 9mv star very close by.
NGC 23567h 16m 59.19s13 45' 0"9.7?x??Little TychoC-82014/Dec/26 1:50:58A rich cluster of faint stars, 12mv... in a rich area of the Milky Way.
NGC 23607h 17m 48s-15 37' 0"7.213Cl, vL, Ri, pC, st 9...12Little TychoC-82010/Nov/13 4:48:4A small scattering of 9...mv stars. Most of the faint stars in the finder chart with the cluster are not visible in tonight's light pollution.
NGC 23627h 18m 48s-24 57' 0"4.18Cl, pL, Ri (30 CMa)PC-112009/Apr/17 22:30:00A lovely grouping of around 20 bright (10 mv or brighter), blue, stars with a 7th mv star in the center.
NGC 23627h 18m 48s-24 57' 0"4.18Cl, pL, Ri (30 CMa)SAOC-112013/Mar/12 23:24:27A gorgeous cluster, with a bright white 4mv star at its center.
NGC 23677h 20m 6s-21 56' 0"7.94Cl, S, P, lCLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/13 5:1:25A tiny "V" asterism of ~ 4 10mv stars. The top east star is a pair of 10mv stars, in 290° pa, 2.5" sep.
NGC 23747h 24m 0s-13 16' 0"8.019Cl, vL, pRi, lC, st LLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/18 4:38:55A large, 30' group of ~15 9...mv stars. Barely stands out from the rest of the milky way.
NGC 23837h 24m 48s-20 56' 0"8.46Cl, pS, pmC, st 12Little TychoC-82011/Mar/8 20:3:38Only 3 of the brightest stars in this cluster are visible, it needs a darker sky. It is in a rich field, though. WikiSky: A group of around 20 stars, 11mv... form a cloud around the bright trio that was seen through the light pollution.
NGC 23847h 25m 6s-21 2' 0"7.43Cl, lC, bifid, **Little TychoC-82011/Mar/8 20:5:29Part of a pair with 2383, another cluster where only 4 or so of it's brightest stars are visible. WikiSky: A wide pair of 9mv stars have a few 10.5mv stars around them.
NGC 23957h 27m 6s13 35' 0"8.012Cl, pRi, CLittle TychoC-82010/Mar/20 21:24:53In these light polluted skies, hardly seems a cluster. The field was found, but only the central star and hints of a few fainter ones close by were seen. Confirmed by WikiSky. Very few stars in this one, hardly a cluster.
NGC 23967h 28m 6s-11 44' 0"710Cl, vL, vlCLittle TychoC-82011/Feb/8 19:36:56The field was found, but the cluster was not. The Milky Way is fairly rich here, so the cluster might be a slightly rich area of it. Confirmed, WikiSky.
NGC 24097h 31m 36.69s-17 11' 23"7.3?x??Fall Star PartyC-112014/Nov/19 4:4:23A small group of 9...mv stars in a star crowded part of the milky way.
NGC 24147h 33m 18s-15 27' 0"7.94Cl, P, lC, st 9...Little TychoC-82011/Feb/23 21:39:5A bright 8mv star with 4 9.5-10.5mv stars around it, and some fainter ones barely glimpsed. Hardly a cluster. A degree south west of M 47.
NGC 24217h 36m 18s-20 37' 0"8.310Cl, L, cRi, st 11...13Little TychoC-82011/Mar/8 20:14:12A triangle of 11mv stars surrounded by a barely perceptable glow against the light polluted night sky. WikiSky: About 15 13...mv stars make up this glow.
NGC 24787h 36m 35s-14 28' 47"4.4?x??Fall Star PartyC-112014/Nov/19 4:29:56This appears to be a chance grouping of stars, and not a true cluster. Aladin, UCAC4: These stars appear to have a common proper motion, so they are indeed a cluster.
NGC 24227h 36m 36s-14 30' 0"4.430Cl, B, vL, pRi, st L and S; = M47BC-82007/Dec/18 02:30:00A sparse, but bright open cluster containing the exquisite double Struve 1121.
NGC 24237h 37m 6s-13 52' 0"6.719Cl, vL, Ri, pC, st vSLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/18 4:43:58A coarse cluster of 8...mv stars. There are 5 pairs in it. Nice.
NGC 24207h 38m 30s21 34' 0"8.310Cl, cL, Ri, C, st 11...18BC-82008/Mar/01 21:00:00I could make out 4 or 5 11th-12th mv stars, emmersed in a very faint cloud of dimmer ones.
NGC 24397h 40m 48s-31 39' 0"6.910Cl, B, pRi, pL, lC, st 9, 12...14LBRPC-112012/Feb/26 21:11:51A cluster of doubles with a bright star towards the center.
NGC 24327h 40m 54s-19 5' 0"108Cl, pL, pC, E 0deg , st L and SLittle TychoC-82012/Nov/9 4:11:40Can't find the field! Too many faint, look alike stars.
NGC 24377h 41m 48s-14 49' 0"6.127!, Cl, vB, vRi, vL, inv PN ; = M46Little TychoC-82010/Nov/18 4:57:32A large cluster of 10...mv stars with a planetary at its north edge.
NGC 24477h 44m 36s-23 52' 0"6.222Cl, L, pRi, lC, st 8...13; = M93Fall Star PartyC-112010/Nov/5 4:38:11AKA M 93. A very large, rich open cluster, it fills the field of the 30mm.
NGC 24517h 45m 24s-37 58' 0"2.845Cl, vvL, vlC, one *4.5SAOC-112013/Mar/12 23:36:3A large cluster of about 10 very bright stars, 4-7mv. The brightest is deep yellow.
NGC 24537h 47m 48s-27 14' 0"8.35Cl, S, pRi, pCSAOC-112013/Mar/12 23:48:56A cluster of 4-5 11mv stars and 15 13mv stars.
NGC 24777h 52m 18s-38 33' 0"5.827!, Cl, B, Ri, L, lC, st 12SAOC-112013/Mar/12 23:41:55A beautiful cluster of about 300 11-13mv stars.
NGC 24677h 52m 36s-26 23' 0"716pB, vL, R, er, *8 MPC-82007/Mar/18 10:30:00Looks like a large, faint planetary. Probably a stromgen sphere. In a rather starry field. Quite nice.
NGC 24827h 54m 54s-24 18' 0"7.312Cl, L, cRi, vlCLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/18 5:7:41This is more of a chance grouping of stars in the milky way than a cluster. Lackluster. WikiSky: Confirmed.
NGC 24797h 55m 6s-17 43' 0"107Cl, pL, pRi, pC, st SLBRPC-112012/Feb/26 21:58:48A large splash of faint stars. Burnham: 40 faint stars, WikiSky: no obvious cluster here.
NGC 24837h 55m 54s-27 56' 0"7.610Cl, L, lCLBRPC-112012/Feb/26 22:5:46A cluster in the shape of the letter Y. Perhaps a random clumping, an optical cluster, as it were? WikiSky: Shape confirmed, not in Burnham: "Probably a real cluster", Lindoff and Johansen, Arkiv for Astronomi, 1968 Jan 24.
NGC 24897h 56m 12s-30 4' 0"7.98Cl, pL, cRi, pC, st 11...13SAOC-112013/Mar/12 23:56:35A not quite round cluster of about 75 stars. There are 3 bright variables just south.
NGC 25068h 0m 12s-10 47' 0"7.67Cl, pL, vRi, C, st 11...20BC-82008/Mar/01 21:00:00Not found.
NGC 25068h 0m 12s-10 47' 0"7.67Cl, pL, vRi, C, st 11...20Little TychoC-82012/Jan/28 23:16:59A group of 3 12mv stars in an equilateral triangle. The cluster appears to be slightly to the west of it's marked position by 1'. Confirmed, WikiSky.
NGC 25098h 0m 42s-19 4' 0"98Cl, B, pRi, lC, st SLittle TychoC-82011/Mar/8 20:41:11The field was found, but no cluster. It looks like the rest of the milky way here. WikiSky: A cluster of about 20 stars, mv 12... It was swamped by the light pollution and needs darker skies.
NGC 25278h 5m 18s-28 10' 0"6.522Cl, vL, pRi, lC, st 10...15LBRPC-112012/Feb/26 22:18:9A large, loose cluster of 8mv... stars. Burnham: 40 stars, 11...mv, WikiSky shows a few 8 - 9mv stars as well.
NGC 25338h 7m 0s-29 54' 0"7.64Cl, pL, Ri, C, st 9, 13...14LBRPC-112012/Feb/26 22:13:43A very large, coarse cluster, more a brightening of the Milky way. Perhaps non existant? Burnham: 40 faint stars, Wikisky: a small clump of faint stars.
NGC 25398h 10m 42s-12 50' 0"6.522Cl, vL, Ri, lC, st 11...13Little TychoC-82010/Nov/18 5:2:59A loose cluster of around 30 10mv... stars. 19 Pup, a 4mv G star is 10' southeast of the cluster. WikiSky: Confirmed.
NGC 25478h 10m 42s-49 16' 0"4.720Cl, B, L, lC, st 7...16SAOC-112013/Mar/13 0:14:58A large, loose, open cluster.
NGC 25468h 12m 24s-37 38' 0"6.341Cl, B, L, lC, iE, st 9...12SAOC-112013/Mar/14 1:35:30A very loose cluster of mostly double stars. It almost fills the field of the 41mm. Nice skyscape.
NGC 25488h 13m 48s-5 48' 0"5.854Cl, vL, pRi, pmC, st 9...13; = M48BC-82007/Mar/11 19:30:00 A large, loose cluster, best at low power.
NGC 25488h 13m 48s-5 48' 0"5.854Cl, vL, pRi, pmC, st 9...13; = M48BC-82006/Dec/20 04:00:00 Appears sparse in these light polluted skies. There appear to be quite a few doubles in this cluster.
NGC 25488h 13m 48s-5 48' 0"5.854Cl, vL, pRi, pmC, st 9...13; = M48BC-82008/Mar/01 21:00:00 This would be stunning in a dark sky, as it is, it's a nice washed out cluster of 30 8-10 mv stars with at least that many fainter ones close by.
NGC 25678h 18m 36s-30 38' 0"7.410Cl, pL, pRi, lC, iR, st 11...14LBRPC-112012/Feb/26 22:35:21A large, oblong cluster of bright stars with 2 chains running through it parallel to the minor axis. Burnham: 50 stars, 11...14. WikiSky: confirmed.
NGC 25718h 18m 54s-29 44' 0"7.013Cl, vL, cRi, lC, st 9...LBRPC-112012/Feb/26 22:39:27An oblong cluster of stars with many doubles in a beautiful star field. Burnham: 25 9...mv stars. WikiSky: most stars seem quite blue. A young cluster.
NGC 25798h 21m 6s-36 11' 0"7.510D* in pS neb, am 70 stSAOC-112013/Mar/13 0:51:36After much effort, the field was found, but no cluster.
NGC 26278h 37m 18s-29 57' 0"811Cl, cL, pRi, pC, st 11...13LBRPC-112012/Feb/26 22:52:46A streak of 10...mv stars. Wikisky: The streak is surrounded by a halo of faint stars. Burnham: 70 stars, 11...13.
NGC 26328h 40m 6s19 59' 0"3.195Praesepe; = M44BC-82007/Mar/08 19:00:00A large, sparse, cluster of bright stars, many of them double
IC_23958h 41m 6s-48 12' 0"4.68Cl, coSAOC-112013/Mar/13 1:5:59An irregular group of about 10 bright stars.
NGC 26608h 42m 12s-47 9' 0"8.84Cl, pS, mC, iR, gbM, st 13...15SAOC-112013/Mar/13 1:18:1Field not found.
NGC 26828h 50m 24s11 49' 0"6.930! Cl, vB, vL, eRi, lC, st 10...15; = M67BC-82006/Nov/25 04:00:00 A lovely cluster with only a few doubles. Half fills the 80x field.
NGC 26828h 50m 24s11 49' 0"6.930! Cl, vB, vL, eRi, lC, st 10...15; = M67BC-82006/Dec/27 04:00:00 Approximately 30 bright stars, the rest fainter. The cluster is lacking in doubles.
NGC 28189h 16m 0s-36 37' 0"8.29! glob. cl. , pB, pL, R, vglbM, in L ClSAOC-112013/Mar/13 1:48:43A small, round fuzz ball, looking more 11mv than 9mv. No resolution, but then there's quite a bit of haze this close to the horizon. Resolution is not to be expected, it's a planetary nebula!
NGC 368011h 25m 42s-43 15' 0"7.612Cl, cL, pRi, lC, st 10...14SAOC-112013/Mar/14 4:0:45A coarse group of about 30 10mv-13mv stars surrounded by a few 8-9mv stars.
NGC 433712h 23m 54s-58 8' 0"8.94Cl, pRi, lC, st 12...14PC-82007/May/11 23:00:00 Bright Elliptical in Virgo in a spectacular field with M84, M86 and N4388.
NGC 455412h 35m 42s11 11' 0"9.699NGC ErrorPC-82008/May/04 22:30:00A very faint glow. WikiSky shows a pair of 13th mv stars here. Probably an NGC error, and a very easy one to make. I saw but a glow, with averted vision, and no double star. Other internet sources confirm that this is indeed an NGC error.
NGC 620416h 46m 30s-47 1' 0"8.25Cl, pRi, eiCM, st 11...12PC-82007/Sep/12 21:30:00A large cluster, not at bright as M 10, but much more compact, with much fainter stars. It looked a bit elongated to me, in position angle 70 degrees. The cluster was easily granulated, but individual stars were hard to see. It's brightest stars are 14 mv, with most under 20th (Kogon, et al, Astronomical Journal, Vol. 79, p. 387 (1974))
NGC 620416h 46m 30s-47 1' 0"8.25Cl, pRi, eiCM, st 11...12BC-82008/Jul/25 22:00:00AKA M 14. Invisible in the aurora commercialias.
NGC 623116h 54m 0s-41 48' 0"2.615Cl, B, cL, pRi, st 10...13LBRPC-112010/Jul/3 23:57:56The jewel box of the Scorpion. A superb cluster of bright white and blue white stars, with a few red ones as well.
IC 466517h 46m 18s5 43' 0"4.241Cl, coLittle TychoC-82010/Jun/11 2:0:37A large cluster of around 20 bright (6-8mv) stars. This would be best in binoculars, seen from a dark sky site.
IC 466517h 46m 18s5 43' 0"4.241Cl, coLittle TychoC-82014/Apr/24 4:46:54A huge, sparse cluster of 6-9mv stars.
NGC 646917h 52m 54s-22 21' 0"812Cl, pRi (in Milky Way)Little TychoC-82011/Jun/26 2:43:39Around 6 10-12mv stars in a 10' field. Hardly stands out from the rest of the milky way, this hazy night. Confirmed: WikiSky.
NGC 649417h 56m 48s-19 1' 0"5.527Cl, B, vL, pRi, lC, st 10...; = M23Little TychoC-82010/Jun/11 2:6:24A cluster of ~40 stars, 9-11 mv, mostly in a 30' field.
NGC 651418h 2m 18s-23 2' 0"6.329!!! vB, vL, trifid, D* inv; = M20PC-82006/Oct/13 23:00:00Just north of M8, the nebulosity is more uniform that M8's, and fainter. The "Trifid" nature is not so apparent, as it's difficult to see the dark lanes cutting the nebula into 3 parts. It looks more like a cloud crossed by some slightly darker lines. There is a concentration of stars about the nebula, but the entire field looks like a cluster, which, in a way it is: the Sagittarius arm cluster!
NGC 652018h 3m 24s-27 54' 0"86Cl, pS, Ri, lC, st 9...13LBRPC-112012/Aug/18 23:4:13Another very rich part of the milky way, with a few stars posing as a cluster.
NGC 653118h 4m 36s-22 30' 0"5.913Cl, pRi, lC, st 9...12; = M21Little TychoC-82010/Jun/11 3:4:23A group of around 20 stars, as per Dyer's description.
NGC 653018h 4m 48s-24 20' 0"4.615Cl, B, L, pRi, f M8PC-82008/Jul/03 02:30:00This is the cluster associated with M8. About 20 bright stars, embedded in the nebula. A spectacular sight, overall.
NGC 654618h 8m 22s-22 8' 45"8.025Cl, vL, vRi Little TychoC-82011/Jun/26 2:55:34A chain of 4 stars with an equilateral triange of stars to the west. Nice field. A degree north of NGC 6546, which was not visible in the hazy aurora commercialis. The star field itself is at 18h 8m 22s, -22° 8' 45" (J2000)
NGC 659518h 17m 0s-19 53' 0"711F, pL, cE, ** inv; = IC 4700LBRPC-112011/Jun/29 23:26:51A triple star surrounded by a faint haze.
NGC 660518h 17m 6s-14 58' 0"6Cl, lRi, lC, st 10...12Little TychoC-82010/Sep/14 21:23:0A very coarse open cluster. Just a few bright stars clumped together in the milky way.
NGC 660418h 18m 6s-12 14' 0"6.560Cl, lRi, lCLittle TychoC-82010/Oct/1 21:41:57A group of 4 bright star, close together in a very rich part of the milky way. Confirmed on WikiSky.
NGC 660318h 18m 24s-18 25' 0"115!, Cl, vRi, vmC, R, st 15 (Milky Way)LBRPC-112014/Sep/27 20:22:14AKA M 24. A loose spray of 13mv... stars. There is a slight bar shape running sw - ne in it.
NGC 661118h 18m 48s-13 47' 0"6.035Cl, at least 100 st L & S; = M16BC-82008/Sep/01 21:15:00This looks like a rather loose open cluster in this light pollution. The wonderful nebulosity is not visible.
NGC 661118h 18m 48s-13 47' 0"6.035Cl, at least 100 st L & S; = M16Little TychoC-82010/Sep/14 21:30:2The loose cluster only was visible, only the faintest hint of nebulosity.
NGC 661318h 19m 54s-17 8' 0"6.99Cl, P, vlC; = M18PC-82007/Sep/12 22:00:00A large, loose cluster, enveloped in faint nebulosity. In a starless region of the sky, this grouping would be spectacular, but towards the center of the milky way, it hardly stands out.
NGC 661818h 20m 48s-16 11' 0"6.046!!!, B, eL, eiF, 2 hooked; = M17PC-82007/Sep/12 22:00:00"The swan" seems to swim northwards through the milky way. One of the most beautiful nebula in the sky.
NGC 662518h 23m 12s-12 3' 0"9Cl, lC, lRi, st 11...12Little TychoC-82011/Jun/2 1:59:13A few faint (11mv...) stars about 2' south of a 5.7mv B star. Seen in the 12.5, best in the 9mm. WikiSky: This does not look like a cluster. NEDS DB: NGC identification is not certain.
NGC 663118h 27m 9.5s-12 1' 35"11.75?York Co Star PartyC-112016/Jul/27 22:50:13A faint, sparse grouping of stars that look like a slightly brigher part of the Milky way. Aladin/DSS: The image gives the same impression.
NGC 663318h 27m 42s6 34' 0"4.627Cl, lC, st LPC-82008/Jul/03 00:00:00A loose grouping of bright stars (~ 20 - 40) in a very rich part of the milky way.
NGC 664718h 31m 30s-17 21' 0"8Cl, L, Ri, lC, st vSLittle TychoC-82011/Jun/2 2:12:36The field was found, but the cluster was not visible. RNGC: A brighter part of the Sagittarius star cloud. Not in Burnham. WikiSky: No obvious cluster here.
IC 472518h 31m 36s-19 15' 0"4.632Cl, pC; = M25Little TychoC-82010/Jun/11 3:31:5A large, loose cluster of 6-12mv stars.
NGC 664518h 32m 36s-16 54' 0"910Cl, pL, vRi, pC, st 11...15PC-82008/Jul/03 00:00:00A large, loose cluster.
NGC 664918h 33m 30s-10 24' 0"8.96Cl, P, lC, pS, st 9-10, 12...13Little TychoC-82010/Sep/9 20:49:41About 4 "bright" (11.5mv) stars surrounded by a haze of fainter ones.
NGC 666418h 36m 42s-8 13' 0"7.816Cl, L, pRi, vlCBC-82008/Aug/09 00:40:00A very loose grouping of about 10 10-12 mv stars in a bright area of the milky way.
IC 475618h 39m 0s5 27' 0"552Cl, CLittle TychoC-82010/Oct/15 20:47:49A loose scattering of stars, more than filling the 24mm field.
NGC 668318h 42m 12s-6 17' 0"1011Cl, vRi, vlC (in Milky Way)Little TychoC-82011/Aug/28 22:6:17Not found. Field found, but no cluster. Only a faint pair was seen here. Burnham: Probably not a cluster, HNGC does not include it in "Not found" list. Aladin/DSS: The location is in a dense area of the Milky Way, but nothing looking like a cluster was seen.
NGC 669418h 45m 12s-9 24' 0"8.015Cl, cL, pRi, pC, st 12...15; = M26BC-82008/Sep/01 21:15:00A few 9th and 10th mv stars, with about 20-30 fainter ones. Lackluster in this light pollution.
NGC 670418h 50m 54s-5 12' 0"9.26Cl, B, 60 st 13Little TychoC-82011/May/10 2:32:46A faint cluster, like a sparse globular, 1/3 the field of the 12.5, which works out to 4 arc minutes. Burnham: 2 arc minutes.
NGC 670518h 51m 6s-6 16' 0"5.814!, Cl, vB, L, iR, Ri, *9, st 11...; = M11PC-82006/Oct/13 23:00:00AKA M 11. A large, rich cluster. Perhaps 100 stars are visible with direct vision, and hundreds more appear with averted vision. A wonderful sight.
NGC 670918h 51m 30s10 21' 0"6.713Cl, pRi, lC, iFLittle TychoC-82010/Aug/31 21:34:8A large, (30'), somewhat sparse, cluster of about 30 stars. 8mv...
NGC 671618h 54m 36s-19 53' 0"6.97Cl, pRi, st 9...13Little TychoC-82010/Sep/14 21:55:30Just a coarse scattering of 8.5-11mv stars in the milky way. There is a hint of nebulosity or a cloud of very faint stars as well.
NGC 673819h 1m 24s11 36' 0"815Cl, P, lCLittle TychoC-82011/Jun/2 2:17:30A large (~35') cluster of around 30 stars 8mv...
NGC 675519h 7m 48s4 14' 0"7.515Cl, vL, vRi, pC, st 12...14PC-82008/Oct/30 22:30:00 Faint, medium sized cluster, barely granulated, but in a rich region of the Milky Way. The brightest stars in it are 14 mv. It's a type X.
NGC 675619h 8m 42s4 41' 0"114Cl, S, Ri, lC, st 11...12Little TychoC-82014/Aug/24 22:40:45The 11.5 and 13.0mv stars near the cluster were glimpsed, but the cluster itself was not. Aladin shows that the cluster itself is a group of around 30 14mv... stars located 90" north of the RNGC position.
NGC 677419h 16m 36s-16 16' 0"Cl, vL, lCBC-82008/Jul/15 02:00:00A very coarse grouping of 8 - 9 mv stars, looking like a random grouping of milky way stars and not a true cluster.
NGC 679119h 20m 42s37 51' 0"9.516vFBC-82006/Sep/02 20:30:00A faint, but rich, open cluster.
NGC 679119h 20m 42s37 51' 0"9.516vFBC-82007/Jun/21 03:00:00A very low contrast brightening of the sky between 2 6th mv stars approximately 15 arc minutes apart in position angle of approximately 45 degrees. No stars were seen. Faint.
NGC 679319h 23m 12s22 11' 0"Cl, P, lCLittle TychoC-82010/Sep/13 21:5:29A loose cluster of ~20 stars 9-12mv. Doesn't stand out much from the surrounding milky way.
Cr 39919h 25m 24s20 11' 0"9.6120CoathangerBackyardC-82007/Aug/17 22:00:00AKA the coathanger. 2/3 of this cluster fit into the 56mm eyepiece's field. A cute little asterism, better in binoculars.
Cr 39919h 25m 24s20 11' 0"9.6120CoathangerBackyardC-82007/Aug/17 22:00:00AKA the coathanger. 2/3 of this cluster fit into the 56mm eyepiece's field. A cute little asterism, better in binoculars.
Cr 39919h 25m 24s20 11' 0"9.6120CoathangerLittle TychoC-82011/Oct/8 21:46:10AKA The coathanger, a lovely star field strongly resembling its name. Best in the finder.
NGC 680019h 27m 12s25 8' 0"99Cl, vL, pRi, vlC, st 10...Little TychoC-82013/Aug/30 21:21:8A very loose cluster of around 25 stars, 10...mv
NGC 680219h 30m 36s20 16' 0"8.83Cl, L, vC, E 0deg , st 14...18Little TychoC-82010/Oct/1 21:58:11A splotchy, low contrast brightening of the sky. Barely visible.
NGC 681119h 38m 12s46 34' 0"6.813Cl, L, pRi, lC, st 11..14Little TychoC-82010/Oct/1 22:5:56Hardly a brightening of the milky way. The true cluster seems to be 20' southwest of the marked position of this one. WikiSky: 6811 is a very low contrast clump of stars, probably a real cluster. The"true" cluster is a chance grouping of 9 7...9mv stars. I suspect that it, too might be a cluster.
NGC 681519h 40m 54s26 51' 0"99Cl, vL, pRi, lC, st 10...15Little TychoC-82013/Sep/4 22:4:11About 15 stars 12mv... This just looks like a chance grouping in the Milky Way. It doesn't look like a true cluster.
NGC 681919h 41m 18s40 11' 0"7.35Cl, vL, vRi, st 11...15Little TychoC-82010/Oct/24 20:34:29A rich cluster of faint (11mv...) stars seen only with averted vision in tonight's moonwashed, hazy skies. Perhaps better in darker skies
NGC 681919h 41m 18s40 11' 0"7.35Cl, vL, vRi, st 11...15LBRPC-112011/Jul/2 1:5:1A lovely cluster, in tonight's dark skies.
NGC 682319h 43m 6s23 18' 0"7.112Cl, cRi, E, st 11...12Little TychoC-82010/Jun/11 2:45:34I see a quadruple star of ~9-10mv stars within a 2' field. This does not appear to be a cluster. It is a cluster, with around 4 bright stars and the rest are fairly faint, embedded in nebulosity.
NGC 683019h 51m 0s23 4' 0"7.912Cl, L, pRi, pC, st 11...12Little TychoC-82010/Oct/29 19:13:17A cluster of ~8 stars brighter than 11mv, with a faint haze of dimmer ones. Hardly more than a chance clump in the milky way, visually. WikiSky does not show many dim ones, just the normal background of the milky way.
NGC 683419h 52m 12s29 25' 0"7.85Cl, P, lC, st 11...12Little TychoC-82010/Oct/29 19:28:12Two "bright" stars of aroung 10mv, surrounded by a haze of much fainter ones. Confirmed, WikiSky.
NGC 683719h 53m 8s11 41' 54"12.0?Little TychoC-82016/Sep/22 21:55:52There does seem to be a faint 5' wide glow in the designated position. Aladin/DSS: Nothing seen here. This observation was all about averted imagination!
NGC 683719h 53m 8s11 41' 54"12.0?Little TychoC-82017/Oct/20 20:26:6After dilligent searching, I can't find this cluster. Not seen. Aladin/DSS: There is nothing here indicating a cluster, just athe Milky Way.
NGC 686620h 3m 42s44 0' 0"7.67Cl, L, vRi, cCLittle TychoC-82010/Oct/1 22:34:37This is just a narrow iscosceles triangle of stars. The true cluster appears to be 12' north of the marked position. Confirmed, WikiSky.
NGC 687120h 5m 54s35 47' 0"5.220Cl, st L and S, ** invLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/9 20:42:34A cluster of doubles. A delightful starscape.
NGC 688320h 11m 18s35 51' 0"815Cl, pRi, ** invBC-82007/Aug/31 23:00:00A very faint group of stars with 3 10-11 Mv stars in front of them.
NGC 688320h 11m 18s35 51' 0"815Cl, pRi, ** invLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/9 20:46:29A few (~20) 10-12mv stars, which appear to be enveloped in nebulosity. WikiSky: Nebulosity confirmed.
NGC 688220h 11m 42s26 33' 0"8.118Cl, P, lCLittle TychoC-82010/Dec/1 20:11:1A coarse grouping of bright stars, a 6mv, 5 9mv stars, and 10 10mv stars.
NGC 688520h 12m 0s26 29' 0"67Cl, vB, vL, Ri, lC, st 6...11Little TychoC-82010/Jun/11 2:52:27A large, loose cluster whose pairs appear to be optical, mostly. There is a bright (6mv) star, 20 Vul, in front of the cluster.
IC 499620h 16m 30s37 38' 0"7.020A Triple star.BC-82007/Aug/31 23:00:00 A tight, lovely little group of about 8 stars about 15' SE of P Cyg. A nice starscape!
NGC 691020h 23m 6s40 47' 0"7.48Cl, pB, pS, P, pC, st 10...12Little TychoC-82010/Nov/9 20:53:57A lovely cluster just north of Gamma Cyg, consisting of two chains of 10mv stars, with 8mv stars at either end of the chains. WkikSky: confirmed.
NGC 691320h 23m 54s38 32' 0"6.67Cl, P, lC, st L and S; = M29BC-82007/Sep/08 22:00:00 A loose cluster of 6 or so 8mv stars with a few fainter ones (> 10mv) surrounding it. It does pop right out in a low power field.
NGC 691320h 23m 54s38 32' 0"6.67Cl, P, lC, st L and S; = M29BC-82008/Jul/15 02:00:00 A grouping of about 8 bright (8 - 10) stars.
NGC 693920h 31m 24s60 38' 0"7.88Cl, pL, eRi, pCM, st 11...16Little TychoC-82009/Dec/29 20:21:29Not visible in tonight's moonlit, urban skies.
NGC 693920h 31m 24s60 38' 0"7.88Cl, pL, eRi, pCM, st 11...16Little TychoC-82012/Jul/28 4:9:48A very coarse clumping of 7 11mv stars, surrounded by a haze of fainter ones.
NGC 694020h 34m 36s28 18' 0"6.331Cl, vB, vL, vRi, cC, st pLBC-82007/Sep/04 20:00:00 A dusting of faint (< 11 Mv) stars bounded by an equilateral triangle of 9 Mv stars, with a few 9-10 Mv stars embedded in it as well.
NGC 694020h 34m 36s28 18' 0"6.331Cl, vB, vL, vRi, cC, st pLBC-82008/Jul/15 03:00:00 A large cluster (~ 40 arc minutes in diameter) of around 40 stars, the brightest of which is approximately 8.5 mv.
NGC 699120h 54m 56.39s47 18' 38"30?Little TychoC-82016/Oct/24 21:6:17A widely scattered cluster in a rich area of the Milky Way. A lovely starscape.
NGC 699720h 56m 30s44 38' 0"1015Cl, P, lC, st LLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/9 20:25:13A clump of around 20 stars, 11-13mv.
NGC 699620h 56m 30s45 28' 24"10.0?x??Little TychoC-82014/Oct/17 21:38:57A lackluster cluster. Looks like the milky way surrounding it.
NGC 699420h 59m 0s-12 38' 0"93Cl, eP, vlC, no neb; = M73PC-82007/Sep/12 22:00:00 "Messier's Mistake". An easily made one. This little asterism does indeed seem to have a glow of nebulosity or a cloud of very faint stars around it. It is now not even thought to be a cluster.
NGC 702321h 0m 30s68 10' 0"718*7 in eF, eL, nebyLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/19 21:33:29Only the 7mv V380 Cep was seen in these moonwashed, urban skies. No hint of a cluster, and never mind nebulosity.
NGC 701121h 1m 50s47 21' 17"30?Little TychoC-82016/Oct/24 21:3:37Not visible because it doesn't exist. Aladin/DSS: Confirmed.
NGC 703121h 7m 18s50 50' 0"9.15Cl of triple st, lCLittle TychoC-82011/Aug/30 2:32:27A faint double and triple star, about 11.5-12.5mv.
NGC 703921h 11m 12s45 39' 0"7.625Cl, vL, pRi, E, st 10...Little TychoC-82010/Nov/19 21:15:58Hardly a clumping of the milky way a few, widly spaced 6...mv stars with a faint haze of 11... mv background star. Probably a real cluster, but not at all good visually. WikiSky: Confirmed.
IC 136921h 12m 6s47 44' 0"6.84S neb Cl of st 13mLittle TychoC-82012/Sep/14 22:26:12A hint of nebulosity, perhaps averted imagination. Needs darker skies. WikiSky: Probably not visible at all. Much too faint for the Urban setting.
NGC 704421h 12m 54s42 29' 0"11Cl, vF, pL, vRi, vC st 15...18Little TychoC-82013/Nov/1 19:39:44Cluster not visible at given location. It's there, needing a darker sky and bigger telescope.
NGC 706221h 23m 12s46 23' 0"8.37Cl, pS, pRi, pC, st 13...Little TychoC-82011/Aug/28 22:34:19A cluster of fairly faint stars (11mv...) flanked by a couple of 9mv field stars. Hard to see, even in this fairly clear, moonless, urban sky. WikiSky: the fields stars are 10mv.
NGC 706721h 24m 12s48 1' 0"9.73Cl, P, neb?Little TychoC-82010/Dec/9 20:49:0I don't see any nebulosity here. I do see a faint pair of 12mv stars. There are a few other 11-12 mv stars close by. It looks more like a chance grouping than a cluster.
NGC 706321h 24m 24s36 30' 0"7.08Cl, P, st 10...Little TychoC-82010/Dec/1 20:28:37A coarse group of about 10 8...mv stars. Towards the center there is a faint pair, 10-12mv, 6" sep, pa 45°.
NGC 708221h 29m 24s47 5' 0"7.225Cl, L, cRi, lC, st 10...13Little TychoC-82010/Dec/9 20:42:6A loose grouping of ~20 stars, 8...mv.
NGC 708621h 30m 30s51 35' 0"8.49Cl, cL, vRi, pC, st 11...16Little TychoC-82010/Jun/25 0:33:10About 4 11mv stars with a haze of fainter ones scattered nearby. Lackluster in tonight's full moon washed, hazy skies, but probably superb in darker skies.
NGC 709221h 32m 12s48 26' 0"4.632Cl, vL, vP, vlC, st 7...10; = M39BC-82008/Sep/01 23:00:00A field filling cluster of 30 bright stars. Probably best in binoculars.
IC_139621h 39m 6s57 30' 0"3.5170neb part of Milky WayLBRPC-112013/Jul/7 0:11:27A superb triple star enveloped in nebulosity.
NGC 712921h 41m 18s66 6' 0"128!, cF, pL, gbM ***LBRPC-112013/Jul/7 0:21:34A series of patchy, diffuse nebulae over a degree field. Only well seen in the UHC nebular filter. WikiSky, Burnham: More like 7'. The hazy skies caused the stars to show halos which were not celestial.
NGC 712821h 44m 0s53 43' 0"9.73Cl, S, pRi, has a ruby *9.5Little TychoC-82010/Jun/25 0:53:40A very pale red star (hardly "ruby", as per Dyer's description) centered on a scattering of much fainter stars.
NGC 714221h 45m 54s65 48' 0"9.34Cl, cL, cRi, pC, st 11...14Little TychoC-82011/Apr/17 4:0:30The star atop the cluster was found, but there was no hint of a cluster.
NGC 714221h 45m 54s65 48' 0"9.34Cl, cL, cRi, pC, st 11...14Little TychoC-82012/Jul/28 4:18:55A single bright star, 8.5mv, surrounded by a haze of fainter ones. WikiSky: That bright star is 10.1mv.
IC 514621h 53m 24s47 16' 0"7.212pB, vL, iF, *9.5 in MLittle TychoC-82012/Sep/12 22:7:43There are faint whisps of nebulosity in the field. Invisible in the 24, barely visible in the 18mm.
NGC 716021h 53m 42s62 36' 0"6.17Cl, P, vlCLittle TychoC-82010/Dec/9 20:25:51This appears to be more a chance grouping of 2 bright (7.5mv) stars and 4 9mv stars than a true cluster. Nice field, though.
NGC 720922h 5m 12s46 30' 0"6.725Cl, L, cRi, pC, st 9...12Little TychoC-82010/Nov/28 20:17:37A large, triangular cluster (isosceles) with the tip pointing north. About 40 stars 9...mv, 30' across the base.
IC 143422h 10m 30s52 50' 0"98fine Cl, 6 branches, st 12-15mLittle TychoC-82011/Jan/3 19:49:49A slight brightening of the sky at this position. No sign of 12mv stars. Barely a clump on WikiSky, too.
IC 143422h 10m 30s52 50' 0"98fine Cl, 6 branches, st 12-15mLittle TychoC-82013/Oct/14 21:1:3A loose spray of around 20 stars. 4 9mv stars, and the rest 11mv...
NGC 722622h 10m 30s55 25' 0"9.62pB, L, in clusterLittle TychoC-82011/Jan/3 19:41:52Field found, cluster not visible. Hard to see on WikiSky, too.
NGC 722622h 10m 30s55 25' 0"9.62pB, L, in clusterLBRPC-112012/Aug/18 22:49:27The entire field in the 41mm Panoptic looks like a cluster. N 7226 is but a few of the stars in the center. Nice starscape, but no cluster.
NGC 723422h 12m 24s57 16' 24"7.7?x??LBRPC-112014/Oct/25 20:40:4A patch of 7 brighter stars and 15 or so fainter ones.
NGC 723522h 12m 36s57 17' 0"7.74Cl, pC, has a ruby *10LBRPC-112010/Oct/9 19:52:1A loose cluster of around 20 stars, 7.5...11mv.
NGC 724322h 15m 18s49 53' 0"6.421Cl, L, P, lC, st vLLittle TychoC-82010/Sep/5 22:7:47A lovely cluster of about 60 stars, 8mv.. with an exquisite pair at its center. Roughly triangular in shape.
NGC 724522h 15m 18s54 20' 0"9.25Cl, C, st eSLittle TychoC-82011/Nov/1 20:25:21Faint, diffuse, if seen at all. The field was found but the cluster which is a brightening of the Milky Way, is hard to see.
IC_144222h 16m 30s54 3' 0"9.1Cl of neb starsLittle TychoC-82013/Aug/17 1:39:18A hazy patch of faint stars, 5' in diameter. WikiSky's DSS: There is a slight gathering of 11...mv stars here.
NGC 726122h 20m 24s58 5' 0"8.46Cl, L, pRi, lCLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/10 21:1:158 stars 9-12mv, with a faint smattering of a few 13mv stars.
NGC 728122h 24m 42s57 50' 0"Cl, L, pRi, lC, st 10...16Little TychoC-82010/Nov/10 21:2:375 10-11 mv stars in a row, with 2 stars south of them. Cluster?
NGC 729622h 28m 12s52 17' 0"104Cl, iR, lC, st vSLittle TychoC-82013/Oct/2 23:23:57A very loose cluster of about 15 stars, 11.0mv...
NGC 738022h 47m 0s58 6' 0"7.225Cl, pL, pRi, lC, st 9...13Little TychoC-82010/Nov/28 20:31:28A widely scattered cluster of ~20 9...mv stars in a lovely field.
NGC 751023h 11m 30s60 34' 0"7.94Cl, pRi, pC, fan-sh, st pBLittle TychoC-82010/Nov/27 20:23:42A fairly compact, small (4') cluster. The edge of the cluster is an equilateral triangle of stars, the northern most one being faint, 11mv. Most of the cluster is in the southern 2' of it, with around 7 10mv stars in it. WikiSky: The northern most star is 12.3mv. The fainter stars, barely glimpsed, were 13mv.
NGC 765423h 24m 12s61 35' 0"6.913Cl, L, Ri, mCM, R, st 9...13; = M52Little TychoC-82009/Sep/19 3:35:4A large cluster of around 40 stars, 9mv -12mv. There is an 8mv star in the SW corner of the cluster.
NGC 768623h 30m 12s49 8' 0"5.615Cl, P, lC, st 7...11Little TychoC-82010/Dec/1 20:44:38A 6, 7, two 9, and 4 11mv stars in a loose group.
NGC 776223h 49m 48s68 2' 0"1011Cl, pRi, pC, st 11...15Little TychoC-82011/Jul/10 2:10:41A faint clump of 11.5...mv stars, perhaps 10 of them.
NGC 778823h 56m 42s61 24' 0"99Cl, S, pRi, vC, st 10, 13...Little TychoC-82010/Jan/28 21:9:57Entire field inconsistent with the sky. Not found.
NGC 778823h 56m 42s61 24' 0"99Cl, S, pRi, vC, st 10, 13...Little TychoC-82010/Oct/29 20:7:3810 "bright" (9-11mv) stars surounded with a haze of fainter ones (12mv...). WikiSky: Confirmed.
NGC 778923h 57m 0s56 44' 0"6.716Cl, vL, vRi, vmC, st 11...18Little TychoC-82009/Dec/10 22:11:58A rich cluster of faint stars, not helped by the vignetting of the observatory dome.
NGC 778923h 57m 0s56 44' 0"6.716Cl, vL, vRi, vmC, st 11...18Little TychoC-82012/Nov/29 20:6:28Even in bright, moonlit, urban skies, a superb cluster.
NGC 779023h 58m 24s61 13' 0"8.517Cl, pRi, pCLittle TychoC-82010/Oct/29 20:3:174 "bright" (10-11mv) stars with a haze of around 20 fainter ones, visible in the 12.5 with averted vision. WikiSky: Confirmed.