Simple mysteries from everyday life.

The question noted below are things that happen in everyday life that currently I have no coherent explanation for. If you think you can explain any of them, please drop me a line.

Bubbles in ice cubes.

Ice cubes that you make in your home freezer are riddled with many small air bubbles, yet those that are made commercially and served in restaurants are crystal clear, with no bubbles. Why?

Bubbles in beer.

The bubbles in beer are much smaller than the bubbles in soda. Why? What causes them to form at the bottom of a glass and float upwards, in lines?

Foaming soda.

When pouring soda from a 2 liter bottle into a dry glass, the stuff creates an enormous head of foam. If the interior of the glass is wet, there is much less foam. Why?

Warm water in the shower.

When the warm water finally makes it up to the shower head, after you've turned on the shower, the tone of the water flowing through the pipes drops in pitch. Why is this?

Raindrop size.

Ever notice that the size of raindrops at the beginning of the storm are large, and at the end of it small. Also, at any given time in a storm, the raindrops are fairly uniform in size. Why?

Scents in the damp.

On a very damp, still day, a scent, say from a smoker or a woman drenched in perfume, is quite strong and lasts for a minute or so after the person has passed through a given volume of air. This does not seem to be the case on dry days, even if the air is absolutley still. Why?